Andrew Smyth serves as panelist at White House Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Stakeholder Workshop


On February 28th, Andrew Smyth participated in the National Science
and Technology Council (NSTC) event on Critical Infrastructure
Security and Resilience hosted by the White House Office of Science
and Technology Policy. The Department of Homeland Security and the
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers chaired the event which included
stakeholders from government, academia, and industry for a discussion
on emerging technology, R&D and public/private cooperation to advance
resilience and security in critical infrastructure. Prof. Smyth
participated in a panel entitled “Next Generation or Emerging
Technologies for Critical Infrastructure.” Other topics covered during
half day program included “Science and Technology Strategies on
Improving Resilience in Interdependent Systems,” and “Working Across
Public and Private Sectors to Advance Research, Development, and

This effort is part of the federal government’s implementation of
Presidential Policy Directive 21 (PPD-21), Critical Infrastructure
Security and Resilience, which emphasized the importance of securing
and strengthening the resilience of the Nation’s critical
infrastructure to both physical and cyber threats.


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