Bruno A. Boley


610 SW Mudd, Mail Code: 4709

Phone: +1 212-854-3143
Fax:+1 212-854-6267

Research Areas

Structural Mechanics, High-Temperature Behavior of Solids and Structure, Heat Conduction in Solids, Melting and Solidification, Microstructure of Solids.


B.C.E., 1943, College of the City of New York
M.Ac.E., 1945, Sc.D., 1946 Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
Sc.D.(hon), 1982, City University of New York

Bruno Boley has worked extensively in many aspects of the mechanics of solids and structures, including studies on thermal stresses and deformations, on vibrational and dynamical behavior, and on mathematical methods of analysis. He is the Editor of "Mechanicals Research Communications," an international journal in the field. His long association with Columbia was interrupted for 20 years, during which he was Dean of Engineering at Northwestern University.


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