Construction Engineering and Management

Columbia's Construction Engineering and Management Program prepares students to effectively deliver and manage the capital facilities and infrastructure that are critical to worldwide productivity. Our curriculum builds upon a student’s technical background to develop managerial and financial expertise through a mix of fundamental and advanced areas of study. Our courses expose students to the activities and issues of planning, financing, procuring, constructing, and managing the built environment in a suite of graduate-level courses. Columbia students apply and discover concepts, methods, and strategies for improving the delivery and management of constructed facilities and systems. This breadth introduces our students to the variety of managerial functions found in the modern construction industry and prepares them for positions of leadership and responsibility within industry, government, or academia.

Columbia University offers advantages that few other institutions can match:

  • Reputation – Columbia is a renowned institution, known worldwide for its academic excellence.
  • Diversity – Our students originate from all corners of the globe and are a mix of full-time students and working professionals. This breadth of experience enriches student learning and activities.
  • Flexibility – Students tailor their academic programs to suit their backgrounds and interests, and our courses are offered in the evenings and online to accommodate working professionals.
  • Location - New York City is home to many of the world’s premier engineering and construction companies, and the city’s entertainment and culture are unrivaled.


Graduate students may pursue the following degrees:

  1. Departmental Certificate
  2. Master's Degree
  3. Doctoral Degree in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Construction Engineering and Management


Application requirements and online application procedures.


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