Construction Engineering and Management

Columbia's Construction Engineering and Management Program prepares students to effectively deliver and manage the capital facilities and infrastructure that are critical to worldwide productivity. Our curriculum builds upon a student’s technical background to develop managerial and financial expertise through a mix of fundamental and advanced areas of study. Our courses expose students to the activities and issues of planning, financing, procuring, constructing, and managing the built environment in a suite of graduate-level courses. Columbia students apply and discover concepts, methods, and strategies for improving the delivery and management of constructed facilities and systems. This breadth introduces our students to the variety of managerial functions found in the modern construction industry and prepares them for positions of leadership and responsibility within industry, government, or academia.
Students focusing in Construction Engineering and Management are advised to take the majority of their courses from the list below.
CIEN E4129 Managing Engineering and Construction Processes
CIEN E4130 Design of Construction Systems
CIEN E4131 Principles of Construction Techniques
CIEN E4132 Prevention and Resolution of Construction Disputes
CIEN E4133 Capital Facility Planning and Financing
CIEN E4134 Construction Industry Law
CIEN E4135 Strategic Management Global Design and Construction
CIEN E4136 Global Entrepreneurship in Civil Engineering
CIEN E4137 Managing Civil Infrastructure Systems
CIEN E4138 Real Estate Finance for Construction Management
CIEN E4139 Theory and Practice of Virtual Design and Construction
CIEN E4140 Environmental, Health and Safety Concepts in Construction Processes
CIEN E4141 Public-Private Partnerships in Global Infrastructure Development
MS students focusing in Construction Engineering and Management may also take courses from other Engineering departments, the Graduate School of Business, the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, and other schools at Columbia.  All courses taken towards the degree from outside of the department must be approved by the student’s faculty advisor.


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