Gautam Dasgupta


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Research Areas

Computation Mechanics, Wave Propagation, Stochastic Analysis, Bioengineering Growth, Defect-Free Finite Elements, Symbolic Computation.


B.Engr., 1967, Calcutta
M.Engr., 1969, Calcutta
Ph.D., 1974, University of California, Berkeley

Professor Dasgupta has published in the areas of computation in viscoelasticity, finite element and boundary element modeling of semi-infinite domains, computer algebra in structural mechanics and computer mathematics in applied mechanics. His research i ncludes an alternative representation of elastic-viscoelastic analogy, modeling of embedded foundations, extension of Almansi problems to descretized dynamic systems, impedance matrices for unbounded media and embedded structures, cloning algorithm, appli cations of asymptotic methods for outer problems, stochastic finite elements in soil-structure interaction, stochastic finite element methods, and Green's function for inhomogeneous media for boundary element applications.


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