Konstantinos Papakonstantinou

Associate Research Scientist

641 SW Mudd: Mail Code: 4709

Email: k.papakonstantinou@columbia.edu

Research Areas: Computational Stochastic Mechanics, Structural Health Monitoring, Optimization Methods, Earthquake Engineering, Structural Mechanics

Dr. Konstantinos Papakonstantinou is an Associate Research Scientist in the Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Department at Columbia University. He has received his five year Diploma in Civil Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A) in 2006, a M.S. in Structural Design and Analysis of Earthquake Resistant Structures at N.T.U.A in 2007, a M.S. in Structural Engineering from the University of California, Irvine (UCI) in 2008 and a Ph.D. from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UCI in 2011. He has worked as a Post-Doctoral Scholar at UCI from 2011 to 2013. His research interests are briefly categorized in the areas of stochastic mechanics (reliability of structural systems, stochastic finite elements, uncertainty quantification, random vibrations, simulation of random processes and fields), operations research (stochastic control, optimum decision making, Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes, optimization, risk management), and inverse analysis based on available data (Bayesian analysis, system identification, damage assessment). A few indicative application areas and problems of relevance include structural aging and deterioration, natural hazards risk management, infrastructure systems life-cycle analysis, resilience and sustainability, performance based engineering, stochastic ground motion models, hysteretic finite elements based on plasticity theory, nonlinear dynamic identification of large-scale models and Cyber-physical Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems, among others. He is a Licensed Professional Civil Engineer in Greece and a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI), the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) and the International Association for Life-Cycle Civil Engineering (IALCCE).


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