In developing and continually updating our program to achieve the stated
mission of the department, we seek to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To provide a firm foundation in the basic math, science, and engineering sciences that underlie all technological development so our graduates will be well equipped to adapt to changing technology in the profession.
  2. To provide the broad and fundamental technical base needed by graduates who will enter the profession through the increasingly common path of a specialized M.S., but also provide suitable preparation to those who choose to enter the professional workforce with a B.S. to develop specialized expertise by way of apprenticeship.
  3. To provide the breadth and choices in our programs that can accommodate and foster not only students with differing technical objectives, but also those who will use their technical background to follow other career paths.
  4. To provide a basis for effective writing and communication as well as a background to foster awareness of societal issues.


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