Probabilistic Mechanics

Lead by Professor Deodatis, the department's research in probabilistic mechanics focuses on:

  • Development of innovative algorithms for simulation of stochastic processes and fields. Particular emphasis is given to non-Gaussian processes and fields, to multi-variate processes and fields, and to non-stationary processes and non-homogeneous fields
  • Development of computationally efficient methodologies for determining upper bounds of the response variability of systems with uncertain and spatially varying system properties
  • Effect of multiple scales on the response of stochastic finite element systems
  • Effect of non-Gaussianity of material properties on the response of systems with uncertain system properties
  • Effect of spatially varying and uncertain soil properties on a wide range of problems in geomechanics: soil liquefaction, slope stability, bearing capacity
  • Characterization, modeling and simulation of the random microstructure of two-phase materials
  • Effect of random imperfections on the stability of a wide range of structural systems


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